Activating New Modules on TMPro

TMPro - Activating new software modules is very easy:

  • Connect hardware and start software. Go to "Purchase modules" - "Order new modules"

  • The software will open a screen with Left and Right windows

  • In the Left window are the modules you do not have and which are available



















  • Double click the required software module - moving it from 'Available Modules' to the 'Order List' window

  • You can add as many modules as you wish to the order list - please remember that you should only move the ones you have paid for

  • You can remove modules from the order window by double clicking the module in the Right window

  • When you are satisfied with your selection, press 'Order' button.

  • The software will save the Order File to your local drive

  • Send the order file (ORD) to





















  • Once received, I will send you the upgrade file (.MOD).

  • To install this, please connect the Base Unit (Hardware) and start the software

  • Go to 'Purchase Modules' and then 'Install Modules'


















  • Select the file we have sent you. Open it. That's all!