Code Requests:  Our system requires payment up front for key codes and immobiliser codes.  If the codes for your vehicle are not available, then we will refund you immediately. No question.

We are NOT able to refund in the following circumstances:

  1. The customer found their keys and the codes are no longer required. This is because they are ordered IMMEDIATELY on checkout, and once we order them, we have to pay. So do you!
  2. The codes provided are incorrect.  We ONLY provide codes which were accurate at the time the vehicle was manufactured. We are not responsbile for lock or ECU/BSI/Immo changes after the vehicle was originally supplied
  3. In cases where only 1 of 2 codes was provided (package codes). This is because the cost of 1 of the codes is the same as the cost of both of them. IE - if you only ordered a key code for that vehicle, the price would be the same
  4. You may have found it cheaper elsewhere.
  5. The code did not arrive as quickly as you would have liked. We are in the hands of our reliable suppliers, and most codes require some manual element of logging into systems during certain hours. We will always send codes to you as quickly as we can.
  6. You ordered a code for a vehicle that clearly stipulates 'UK Vehicles ONLY' - but the VIN number you supplied was for a Non-UK vehicle.  As a rule, if the VIN doesn't match a VRM response - then it may be considered a Non-UK vehicle.
  7. You provided the wrong VIN details.
  8. TMPro - Once software has been purchased, and the update file has been supplied, we are unable to refund for any reason.  Once a TMPro module has been activated, we have no way of deactivating it or removing it. Therefore we ask that you check very carefully before making your purchase. If you purchase a TMPro box with software, this sale will be FINAL once the software has been installed on box.


At present, this is the list of responses to queries about refunds for codes. But, as time goes by I am certain there will be other strategies people will come up with.

For the avoidance of doubt, unless we are UNABLE to supply the code for whatever reason - then no refunds will be given for ordered codes.

The times given for codes delivery are usual delivery times - but we are not bound by them. Occasionally codes take longer to retrieve than the times stipulated, and you should not book any jobs based on the times we forecast in the product detail.


Refunds for other services such as the Immobiliser Service.

If we receive an immobiliser which is faulty and we are unable to do the work, our fee is the FULL price of the original service, but minus any cost of parts or postal. We will refund the cost of parts only and postal. However, if you require us to return the faulty unit to you, we will also charge you the postal fee.  This is because we are still required to remove the microchip from the circuit board and read it in order to know if it is faulty.  This means that our job is almost complete, apart from the last little bit where we acually produce the working transponder. If you send us your immobiliser under the immobiliser service, you have accepted this condition as part of our contract.


In cases where software has been ordered (TMPro, etc) and then cancelled - Remote Keys will charge 20% - refunding only 80%. This is ONLY possible if we have not yet delivered your update.


This is because of the administrative overhead involving in cancelling an automated software order.  When software orders are received, this triggers an automated process to deliver your new software to you. Remote Keys will charge a maximum of £100.


If you have already received your software update - there is NO refund as Software updates cannot be undone once supplied.



We decided that it was probably best to show you how to do this, rather then try and explain. So we created a page dedicated to this subject. Please click here to be taken to the correct page for TMPro - Adding Modules


Contact with Remote Keys

We do not provide a telephone number for people calling with inquiries. If you have made a purchase of either product or service, then please contact us in the first instance using the 'Support' tab on the right - please remember to include your Order number in the message - one of our team will call you back.

If you have a detailed inquiry prior to purchase, please send us some brief details in the Support request, including your number, and one of our team will call you back.

We are unable to take inbound calls due to the volume of calls we have to make each day. We therefore prioritise our time in actually fulfilling orders rather than taking calls.

Our Support system works very well - please give it a try.



If we accept return items from you - and this must be agreed before, we charge a 10% restocking fee and therefore any refund will take account of a 10% deduction.



If you are in the UK, shipping is always free.  If youare OUTSIDE of the UK, then we will contact you with a shipping fee and send you a payment link. When shipping items to us from overseas (outside of the UK), it is essential that you clearly state that the item is for REPAIR, in order that we are not presented with a bill to receive the item. No items will be accepted where Remote Keys is required to pay in order to receive it.



Any items which are not paid for within a reasonable timescale, and after we have logged at least three attempts to collect payment, will be discarded. We do not store clients' items which have not been paid for. Your use of our service through Remote Keys, Sussex Locksmith, Car Key Company, Car Key Tech or TMPro means you accept our terms and conditions. Once items have been discarded, the client has NO recourse to make any claim against any of the above trading companies. Once items have been discarded, we will not enter into any further communication with any party regarding items which have been discarded. Your use of our services accepts these conditions.