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  • Ref: TMPMod025

    Seat, Peugeot, Piaggio bikes immobox MarelliMemory device is Motorola MCU MC68HC05E6 SO28 package.
    Expected file size is 160 bytes. Use T5 transponder.
    Written transponder is ready...

    Total Inclusive Price* £94.27
  • Ref: TMPMod059

    Fiat Grande Punto BSI DelphiMemory device is serial eeprom 93c86 SMD8 package or NEC MCU. For serial eeprom 93c86 expected file size is 2048 bytes. You can read Fiat BSI by OBD2 using Immo tool...

    Total Inclusive Price* £220.67
  • Ref: TMPMod194

    Fiat South America immobox Marelli IMM009.10Memory device is Motorola 9S08DZ32 32-pin SMD package.
    You can read Motorola with TMPro. Software shows 5-digit PIN code.
    Use Megamos Crypto or...

    Total Inclusive Price* £220.67
  • Ref: TMP001

    Transponder Maker Pro (also known as TMPro keymaker or TMPro keymaker) are softwares for transponder key making,transponder key programming,transponder key copying and PIN code/security code...

    Total Inclusive Price* £180.00
  • Ref: FTFR001

    Location of immobiliser unit: Behind the glovebox
    IC:  93C86
    Motorola mask: N/A
    Have you lost FIAT CAR KEYS?

    We can take your immobiliser and create new transponders,...

    Total Inclusive Price* £75.00