Land Rover

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  • Ref: TMPMod040

    BMW, Rover, Mini immobox EWSMemory device is Motorola MCU MC68HC11EA9 PLCC52 or MC68HC9S12D64 QFP80 package.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Motorola MC68HC9S12D64 and MC68HC11EA9 are LOCKED.Use proper...

    Total Inclusive Price* £95.59
  • Ref: TMPMod0174

    Landrover Freelander, immobox SAWDOC.Memory device is PIC18F252 28 pin SO package. You can read and program PIC18F252 with TMPro
    IMPORTANT NOTE:when you try to read MCU and software 180 pops-up...

    Total Inclusive Price* £350.65
  • Ref: TMPMod0180

    Unlocking of locked PIC18F252 in SAWDOCIn 50% of SAWDOC immobilisers MCU PIC18F252 is locked against reading.
    Because of this TMPro cannot read data for to make key.
    This software can...

    Total Inclusive Price* £438.32
  • Ref: TMPMod0181

    Land Rover Discovery 3 (LR3), Range Rover Sport CEMMemory device is PIC18F6620 64 pin QFP package.
    You can read and program PIC18F6620 with TMPro, download connection diagram.
    Use PCF7936...

    Total Inclusive Price* £795.29
  • Ref: TMPMod0199

    Range Rover Vogue immoboxMemory device is Motorola 9S12DG128.
    You can read and write Motorola with TMPro.
    Expected file size is 2048 bytes.
    Use PCF7936 or Silca T14 – JMA TP12...

    Total Inclusive Price* £95.59
  • Ref: TMP001

    Transponder Maker Pro (also known as TMPro keymaker or TMPro keymaker) are softwares for transponder key making,transponder key programming,transponder key copying and PIN code/security code...

    Total Inclusive Price* £180.00