Renault PEP - Immobiliser Bypass

Renault PEP - Immobiliser Bypass

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Immobiliser bypass solution for early Renault models, between 1997 and 2001.

Also good for Renault Trafic, Renault Kangoo and Renault Master. Vauxhall commercial vehicles which are based on the fore-mentioned Renault vehicles are also eligible.

This is a solution for early Renault Immobiliser and Renault Key stopped working problems.

You are buying a product which plugs into your diagnostics socket and will bypass the Immobiliser, allowing the engine to start every time.


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All the models above feature a 4 digit immobiliser over-ride code, which is able to disarm the immobiliser in the event that a key fails to start the vehicle.

However, unlike earlier Renault models, this PIN code can only be entered using diagnostic equipment, using the OBD (On Board Diagnostic) socket.

Notice the position of the aerial on the Clio from the image, this aerial is at the FRONT of the vehicle, as opposed to later models where the aerial is at the rear of the car.  This product will work on Renault Clio with FRONT aerial!

If your key has stopped starting your Renault Clio, people will tell you all sorts of wonderful things. Largely, they won't work. This product has been designed specifically to address this common problem with Renaults.

Renault Clio key stopped working - Renault Immobiliser Key - Renault Clio won't start

In order to get this product, we are going to need your TAG Number. Inside your Renault Remote key (the black single button remote), there is a number, written in dark orange - usually starting with the letter 'E'. Sometimes it's hard to see.

Add this number to the order comments during checkout. We will then send you a PEP (Pin Entry Plug) already programmed for your vehicle. All you have to do is simply PLUG IT IN and start your engine . . . . . it's as simple as that!