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  • Ref: TMPMod022

    VW, Skoda, Seat IMMO1 immobox SiemensMemory device is Motorola MCU MC68HC05B16 PLCC52 package.
    Expected file size is 256 bytes. 
    Software shows PIN code. Use T5 transponder.

    Total Inclusive Price* £95.40
  • Ref: TMPMod023

    VW, Seat IMMO2 immobox SiemensMemory device is Texas Instrument MCU TMS370C702 PLCC28 package.
    Expected file size is 256 bytes.
    Software shows PIN code. Use PCF7935 or Silca T15 - JMA TP14...

    Total Inclusive Price* £95.40
  • Ref: TMPMod024

    VW, Seat, Ford IMMO3 immobox ValeoMemory device is serial eeprom 24c04 or 24c16 both SMD8 package.
    Expected file size for 24c04 is 512 bytes , for 24c16 is 2048 bytes.
    Software shows PIN...

    Total Inclusive Price* £95.40
  • Ref: TMPMod039

    PSA Volkswagen Seat Opel Nissan Ford Mitsubishi new chipThis module can prepare PCF7935 or Silca T15 – JMA TP14 transponders, so they become ready to be matched with particular car using...

    Total Inclusive Price* £95.40
  • Ref: TMPMod075

    Ford Galaxy immoboxMemory device is serial eeprom 24c02 8 pin SMD package.
    Expected file size is 256 bytes. Use T5 transponder.
    Written transponder is ready programmed to start car.

    Total Inclusive Price* £95.40
  • Ref: TMPMod0103

    Texas Crypto New ChipThis module can prepare Texas Crypto or Silca 4D-60 - JMA TP06 / TP19 transponders,so they become ready to be matched with particular car using diagnostic device and PIN code....

    Total Inclusive Price* £180.80
  • Ref: TMPMod0157

    Texas Crypto 4D-63, 4D-64, 6D-72 new chipThis software can prepare JMA TPX2 or CN2/CN5 or K-JMD transponder to 4 types:
    – Texas Crypto 4D-63 Ford/ Mazda/ Lincoln
    – Texas...

    Total Inclusive Price* £95.40
  • Ref: TMPMod0185

    Key copier for Temic Crypto 8C transponders.This software module helps you to copy Temic Crypto 8C keys from Mazda, Ford Ranger and Proton.
    Software writes on NON-LOCKED TK5560 or TK5561 Temic...

    Total Inclusive Price* £95.40
  • Ref: Adap001

    Adaptor for MC68HC805P18A number of immobiliser unit currently use the Motorola MCU MC68HC805P18:
    Kia Immobox Texton (ID 13)
    Mitsubishi / Subaru Immobox ID 4D
    Mazda / Ford / Proton...

    Total Inclusive Price* £100.00

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  • Ref: Adap002

    Adaptor for TMPro - EEPROM

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  • Ref: Adap003

    Adapter for TMPro - PIC

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  • Ref: TMP001

    Transponder Maker Pro (also known as TMPro keymaker or TMPro keymaker) are softwares for transponder key making,transponder key programming,transponder key copying and PIN code/security code...

    Total Inclusive Price* £180.00