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  • Ref: TMPMod0161

    Proton Savvy immobox with ID4CMemory device is serial eeprom 93c46 SMD8 package.
    Expected file size is 128 bytes. Use JMA TPX1 or CN1 or K-JMD or Errebi TX1 transponder.

    Total Inclusive Price* £94.06
  • Ref: TMPMod0184

    Mazda, Ford, Proton immobox Lucas, Mitsubishi with Temic Crypto transponderMemory device is Motorola MC68HC805P18 QFP44 package or Motorola HC05B16 PLCC52 package.
    For reading Motorola...

    Total Inclusive Price* £267.17
  • Ref: TMPMod0185

    Key copier for Temic Crypto 8C transponders.This software module helps you to copy Temic Crypto 8C keys from Mazda, Ford Ranger and Proton.
    Software writes on NON-LOCKED TK5560 or TK5561 Temic...

    Total Inclusive Price* £94.06
  • Ref: Adap001

    Adaptor for MC68HC805P18A number of immobiliser unit currently use the Motorola MCU MC68HC805P18:
    Kia Immobox Texton (ID 13)
    Mitsubishi / Subaru Immobox ID 4D
    Mazda / Ford / Proton...

    Total Inclusive Price* £100.00

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  • Ref: Adap002

    Adaptor for TMPro - EEPROM

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  • Ref: Adap003

    Adapter for TMPro - PIC

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  • Ref: TMPMod0139

    SsangYong, Proton engine ECU VDOMemory device is flash AMD AM29F200BB or AM29F400BB 44 pin SSOP package.
    Expected file size is 262144 or 524288 bytes. Use Megamos Crypto or Silca T6 –...

    Total Inclusive Price* £178.12
  • Ref: TMP001

    Transponder Maker Pro (also known as TMPro keymaker or TMPro keymaker) are softwares for transponder key making,transponder key programming,transponder key copying and PIN code/security code...

    Total Inclusive Price* £180.00