TMPro - Module 184

TMPro - Module 184

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Mazda, Ford, Proton immobox Lucas, Mitsubishi with Temic Crypto transponder

Memory device is Motorola MC68HC805P18 QFP44 package or Motorola HC05B16 PLCC52 package.
For reading Motorola MC68HC805P18 you can use MC68HC805P18 adapter.
Expected file size for Motorola HC805P18 is 128 bytes, for Motorola HC05B16 is 256 bytes.
Software writes on NOT-LOCKED TK5560 or TK5561 Temic Crypto transponders. It is not possible to use dealer Ford or Mazda 8C keys,because they are factory locked!
You can check your transponder simply by reading it – you will get information if it is locked or unlocked.

Written transponder is ready programmed to start the vehicle.


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