Skoda CAN ID48 TP24

Skoda CAN ID48 TP24

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This transponder is suitable for later model Skoda, which use the CANBUS system.

The TP22 is suitable for PRECODED (those that require component security) as well as ordinary CAN bus systems. They are also backwards compatible and can be used in place of ID48 (T6) - both Magic I and Magic II

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CANBUS Transponder chip for SKODA - ID48 TP24

This product needs to be programmed into your vehicle diagnostically. Use an experienced Auto Locksmith to do this.

This transponder may need 'precoding' before it can be programmed into your vehicle. Please check that the auto locksmith you use has the ability to precode transponders before purchasing this item.

Once these transponders have been 'locked' it is not possible to unlock and resuse them on a different vehicle.