TMPro - Module 150

TMPro - Module 150

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Ref: TMPMod0150

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Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda CAN dashboard Siemens-VDO.

This software module needs 2 files - from Micronas MCU and from serial eeprom .
IMPORTANT NOTE: Micronas MCU is LOCKED. TMPro cannot read flash from it. You need other programmer.

For Micronas expected file sizes are 524288 and 1048576 bytes.

For eeprom 24c16 expected file size is 2048 bytes, for eeprom 24c32 expected file size is 4096 bytes.

Use Megamos Crypto or Silca T6 – JMA TP08 or TS48 or CN6 or KD48 transponder.

Written transponder is ready programmed to start the vehicle.